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Hey, I’m Charl!

Xtended Locks is quite literally my second child, I have raised it , nurtured it and watched it grow for over a decade.

The beating heart behind my business is that of my son, Riley.

Every business has a story.

Xtended Locks is a place where all of my visions become reality and the dream to house the best in the industry under one roof really came to life.

It is quirky, it’s out there and it’s wacky and it reflects my personality to a tee.

I have over 14 years experience working within the hair extension industry and a fully fledged educator and trainer in the sector. Recently, I have undertaken expert training in hair loss integrations, to provide premium hair loss solutions to our clients. 

We work with top industry brands to bring you the best and our team continues to expand as we grow.

I am passionate about the industry and my client base and work hard to ensure our salon is at the top of the field and moving with the times to bring innovative and cutting edge methods and styles to the salon.

Our clients are the key and the glue to our business and the core value is their satisfaction and happiness, some of these clients have continued to visit us for a decade.

We have made Xtended Locks a salon that accepts all walks of life, there is no judgement, we are a friendly team and the atmosphere is electric.

You have to visit to witness it for yourself. We cannot wait to meet you. 

Charl x


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Hi my name’s Meg.

I am the assistant manager,  hair extension tech and resident makeup artist at Xtended Locks.

I qualified in 2019 after completing a 4 year degree in hair makeup and specialist makeup for TV and film.

My commercial experience stems from 4 years of being a MAC makeup artist, this is where I grew my love for making ladies feel amazing and makeup for events and bridal.

I have worked with Netflix and s4c makeup for filming and events with MAC as a part of their pro team

I have been with Xtended Locks since opening in November 2019 and I am also Charlotte’s right hand lady assisting her with day to day running of the salon.

I am passionate about making ladies feel amazing and look forward to welcoming you into salon!

Meg x


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Hello! I’m Rhiannon – Rhi

I have a passion for bright and bold hair colours and combinations. I love anything alternative, quirky and extra! ✨ I specialise in vintage, ‘pin up’ and bridal hair and over the years I have worked large UK vintage festivals such as the Goodwood revival, at the prestigious revival salon. I am also super excited to be travelling to Las Vegas in the New year to work as an international stylist at the worlds largest festival of its kind, Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival.

Whilst training for my level 2 qualification in the UK I was also chosen to spend some time in Barcelona at their hair academy, a truly wonderful experience. Whilst training for my level 3 qualification I placed first in the Wales regional competition for prom hair run by Concept hair magazine, fellowship hair and cloud9.

Outside of work, my loves include old movies, rock music, binge watching a good series or documentary & time with family and friends 🖤 I’m also a huge Harry Potter nerd 😎

I’m so excited to be joining the amazing Xtended Locks team and getting to know all of the fabulous clientele! See you all soon! – Rhi xoxo


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Hey my name is Maria,

I am a qualified nail technician who is working towards being the best version of myself that I can be and Charlotte, the owner of Xtended Locks, has kindly agreed to let me have a chair in her salon to help me achieve this!

For years I have admired nails created by other technicians and have always thought what an amazing and fun job that would be to have! Back in 2021 when the world was still not quite back to normal, I decided that it was the right time to give it a go! Even though I was still working a full time job I always made sure that i dedicated my evenings to practice nails on myself, family and friends to perfect my services. Later that year I took the next step and attended a gel manicure course to which I then became fully qualified.

My style is definitely ‘clean girl aesthetic’. I do offer minimal patterns but in my case less is more! I love providing thorough, natural nail manicures with every set to guarantee that my clients are leaving their appointments fully satisfied and with a fresh set of nails.

My journey with the Xtended Locks team has only just began and I cant wait to see where it takes me.

See you all soon!

Maria xoxo


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Hey I’m Lauren!

I am a qualified brow and lash lift technician. After working for NYX Professional Makeup as a Pro Makeup artist for 3 years, I realised that inspiring ladies to feel confident was something I wanted to make a career out of! Starting my journey in 2020, working 3 jobs, learning all that I could to broaden my skill set, practicing on anyone that would allow me. Now, I love to better my skills by taking multiple courses a year to ensure that I am keeping up to date and making my clients feel their best, delivering the best quality possible.
At your appointment, we will talk through your desired brow and lash goals, and achieve them together. Please don’t be shy to show me a picture! I’m so excited to be joining the madhouse that is Xtended Locks and the boss ladies working in it.

So excited to meet you, Lauren x

What our Clients say

The best. the funkiest, boujeeist and most welcoming salon you’ll find. all the girls are lovely and there is so much to offer from hair to nails to make up, list is endless! absolutely love the place!


It’s simply the greatest salon! The girls are amazing, and the vibe is immaculate! They really know their stuff, I would never trust anyone else with my hair. Always leave the salon with the most perfect mane that gives me so much confidence, I can never thank them enough!

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