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Tape Hair Extensions Explained

Have you been dreaming of thicker, longer locks? Tape hair extensions are the perfect solution to achieving your dream hair! This blog covers everything you need to know about the tape hair extension method offered at Xtended Locks, Cardiff!

What are tape hair extensions?

Tape extensions are our most popular hair extension method at Xtended Locks. This extension method is permanent, consisting of a 4cm wide tab that is secured to the root of the hair with a discreet sticky tab. This method is lightweight, comfortable and secure, laying flat to the head staying in place for up to 8 weeks before a refit is needed.

How long does the tape hair extension process take?

At Xtended Locks, a tape hair extension fitting can be completed in approximately 60 minutes, with additional time to style your hair extensions. Tape hair extensions are quick to install, meaning less time to wait for your dream hair!

See below exactly how tape extensions are fitted 👇

Can tape hair extensions damage your natural hair?

At Xtended Locks we provide an in depth consultation and aftercare instructions to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge needed to correctly care for your hair extensions. If all aftercare advice is followed, your tape hair extensions won’t cause damage to your natural hair. 

At Xtended Locks, we strategically use and place tape hair extensions to promote natural hair growth for our clients. See our clients hair growth results for yourself! 👇

How to care for tape extensions

Proper care and maintenance are essential for all hair extensions. To keep your tapes in the best condition, be sure to follow our top tips for hair care: regularly brush your extensions, use sulphate-free hair care products, and protect your hair using heat protection.

For more information on all things hair care, you can read our blog on hair extension aftercare tips here.

After your hair extension fitting at Xtended Locks you will receive an aftercare procedure to follow, along with an aftercare kit. You can purchase your own My Organics Aftercare Bundle here

How long do tape hair extensions last?

At Xtended Locks, we recommend removing and reinstalling your tapes every 6-8 weeks, depending on your natural hair growth cycle. By doing so, you prevent matting and tangling, preserving the health of your natural hair. With proper care, a full set of tape hair extensions can last over 12 months!

Why choose tape hair extensions?

Tape hair extensions are lightweight and one of the most comfortable hair extension methods. They are discreet and virtually invisible once installed, meaning you can style your extensions exactly how you want them, without them being on show. 

Tape hair extensions are typically suitable for all hair types, but a consultation with our expert hair technician is essential to ensure that tapes are the best method for you.

Do tape hair extensions sound suitable for you? Why not visit us and get a professional opinion on whether this method is the key to achieving your desired hair look! Contact us today, or find out more information on how to book here!