Terms & Conditions

XtendedLocks reserves the right to retain booking fees taken against appointments.

All booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable against dates chosen and booked in.

XtendedLocks operates on a no-refunds policy, our products are health and hygiene certified and therefore non-refundable.

Client satisfaction is our utmost priority.

With this in mind any rectification or adjustments of service must be notified within 7 days of the original fitting date and clients are not able to change choices of method or colour without charge following consultation

Any amendments must take place within this 7 day period.

We operate a 48 hour cancellation period. Any appointments cancelled within this time will be charged 50% of the overall appointment cost. This will be expected before any additional appointments granted following consultation.

Any appointments within 24 hours , no show or on the day appointment cancellations will be charged 100% of the appointment amount.

We are a fully booked establishment. The cancellation policy will be in place for those being turned away due to lateness.
We are unable to tend to clients running late by 10 minutes or more.

XtendedLocks reserves the right to at any time ask for fees to reserve appointments especially during key trading times and will expect any outstanding charges to be paid before a new appointment is granted.

At XtendedLocks we only endorse our own range of products and brushes or that of our supplier beauty works and our own brand of extensions “XtendedLocks”

We will hold no responsibility for the aftercare of extensions that have not been cared for using our products or professional recommendations

The time and life span of our extensions is a guide, this guideline will be completely dependent on the client and her haircare routine.

70% of the extension’s lifespan expectancy is dependent on the client and their aftercare.
The aftercare regime and maintenance schedule of our extensions is imperative to ensure the lifespan of the extensions and to protect the natural hair and prevent damage

Nano bonds – 6 week maintenance schedule
Tape extensions – 6- 8 week refit schedule

Clients by signing these terms and conditions acknowledge that this is essential and that Xtended Locks will hold no liability over extensions that have not been correctly Maintained to the correct timescales explained.

We use our own brand of extensions “XtendedLocks”
We will take no liability over quality issues or issues with the supplier and manufacturer of the initial product
Should any quality issues arise these can be and will be tested by the manufacturer which will require the extensions to be removed from the client and sent off for testing.
This will be within the manufacturers testing timescales.

XtendedLocks will take no responsibilities for hair extensions that are not removed by ourselves this will render our contract null and void.

We take no responsibility for any works taken by other professionals on our fittings.

I confirm and accept that extension hair can and will diminish over time, being that is is a human product and that my extensionist holds no liability on the hair extensions lifespan.

We will hold no liability for extensions being coloured outside of our salon and that should the client wish to colour the extensions this is at the clients own risk or should they choose to bespoke colour the extensions.

I confirm that following our consultation I will not colour cut or alter my natural hair before my fitting Including toners and blue shampoo treatments.

I agree to photos of my hair being taken and used in advertising and that my data is stored correctly and legitimately under the GDPR guidelines.

Once we have selected the method, colour and amounts of hair this is non changeable without charge and both methods and colour have been discussed with the client prior to fitting.
Should the client choose to change methods or colours there will be a charge of new hair required for this to go ahead and be amended.

Our clients are shown colours and consulted in person before agreeing to service.

Every client is asked medical and contradiction questions prior to consultations to test for suitability; it is imperative that these are answered correctly.

XtendedLocks will hold no liability over failure to notify us of any contradictory changes.

Hair must be CLEAN,STRAIGHT and UNCONDITIONED for installation.

Clients must attend all appointments with clean hair.

We will provide an aftercare sheet which includes key points. This needs to be read thoroughly by clients so they understand how to care for their new extensions, we thoroughly go over aftercare with all clients at consultation also.