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The Vital Role of Consultations at Xtended Locks

If you’ve already booked your appointment at Xtended Locks, you’re on your way to achieving your dream hair! But first is your consultation! At Xtended Locks Cardiff, you’ll need to attend a compulsory 30-minute in-depth consultation ⏰.

Why do you need a consultation? Here is exactly why consultations are compulsory at Xtended Locks! ???? 

✨Aftercare & Maintenance

At Xtended Locks, we consider aftercare and maintenance to be just as important as the initial transformation. We prioritise the natural health of your hair, which is why it’s crucial for us to ensure that you are fully equipped with the knowledge to care for both your natural locks and your new hair extensions. 

During your consultation, we will provide you with all the information that you need to care for your extensions, including guidance on how often you should attend refit appointments and recommendations for the best products to use. 

By following the correct aftercare routine and staying up to date with maintenance, you will maximise the lifespan of your hair extensions and prevent damage to your natural hair.

At your consultation, you will also get the chance to purchase our exclusive My Organics aftercare bundle, and some of our favourite K18 products!

✨Understanding Your Hair

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your hair-related concerns, analyse your current hair routine, and delve into your vision for your new extensions. 

We’ll assess which method is suitable for you, whether it’s nano bond extensions, tape extensions, or any other method available at Xtended Locks. We will also determine the ideal length, and thickness and conduct a perfect colour match. 

By understanding your hair’s history, we can ensure that our extensions blend seamlessly with your natural locks.

✨Your Questions, Our Answers

Your consultation is the perfect time to meet your hair extension technician and ask any questions that you may have. As the home of the best in the hair industry under one roof, boasting over 16 years of experience, the Xtended Locks team, is here to answer your questions. Whether your questions revolve around the installation process, the range of extensions we offer, or tips on caring for your new locks. Our ultimate aim is to ensure you feel completely at ease, informed, and excited at every stage of your hair extension journey!

Your consultation is the key to unlocking the best results. So, if you haven’t already booked your consultation at the top-rated hair extension salon in Cardiff, message us now to arrange your consultation. Or find out more about getting hair extensions at Xtended Locks here!